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 All too often the vegan options at events are after thoughts and you can end up feeling as if you've missed out.  Here at Aprils Table we are passionate about bringing the best out of natural produce and turning vegetables in to hearty delicious meals with a variety of menu themes that will satisfy everyone, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. 

We offer a full canape menu as well as pre-set nibble boards, at home dinner party, buffet options etc..

Menus change seasonally so email us for the current version -


Sample Dinner Menu


Sweet potato, carrot and ginger soup


Chilled Gazpacho soup

Sushi plate, sticky brown rice wrapped in nori with a selection of fresh vegetables and marinated tofu served with a wasabi cashew mayo - nuts, soy.

Sweet potato falafels with a harissa and roasted red pepper hummus on herby tabbouleh salad - sesame.

Sweet potato rosti with avocado salsa and a coriander jalapeno cream - nuts.

Vegan summer rolls with Thai basil, avocado, fresh vegetables and black sesame seeds with peanut tamarind dipping sauce - nuts, soy.

Cauliflower crust flat breads with roasted corn sauce, cashew cheese, caramelised onions, chili flakes and rocket (starter or main) - nuts.

Miso aubergine salad with spring onions and black sesame seeds - sesame, soy.



Green lentil, slow roasted cherry tomato and red onion salad with a mint and parley tahini dressing - sesame.
Millet tabbouleh salad, with diced cucumber and tomatoes with lots of fresh herbs, lemon, all spice and sumac.
Green godess quinoa salad with roasted courgettes, garden peas and a lemon herb dressing with roasted almonds - nuts.
Carrot, orange and sesame salad with parsley and flaked almonds - nuts.

Main Courses

Polenta and aubergine caponise, griddled polenta with a rich and slowly simmered aubergine, sweet pepper stew finished with capers and olives.

Moroccan tagine, roasted squash, peppers and chickpeas in a savoury sauce flavoured with rose harissa, cinnamon, apricots and olives.  Served with fresh couscous (or quinoa GF) with lemon and parsley and fresh pomegranate.

Brazilian moqueca, a fresh coconut stew full of colourful vegetables finished with plenty of lime.  Served with roasted plantains, tomato and coconut farofa.

Cauliflower Tikka masala, roasted cauliflower in a rich tomato and red pepper sauce with coconut cream flavoured with warm spices of cumin, coriander, paprika, mustard seeds and cinnamon.

Thai red curry, sweet potato, tofu, sugar snaps and baby corn in a delicious creamy red curry sauce flavoured with lemon grass, Thai basil and lime finished with roasted cashews - nuts.

Vegan lasagne with tofu ricotta, spinach and mushrooms, served alongside a rocket salad with slow roasted cherry tomatoes, balsamic onions and avocado - soy, gluten free available.

Lahmucan Turkish flatbread, Spelt crust topped with a spiced walnut, sun dried tomato and red pepper 'mince' drizzled with almond yogurt and garnished with plenty of fresh parsley and thinly sliced red onions. - gluten, nuts.

Vegan pulled mushroom sandwich, shredded trumpet and oyster mushrooms, smothered in a homemade BBQ sauce topped with kale slaw.  Served with sweet potato wedges and a coriander jalapeño dip - gluten, cashew nuts.

Veggie Roast, nut roast filled with mushrooms, lentils, a mixture of nuts and lots of herbs and savoury flavour.  Served with roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, parsnip puree, seasonal greens and a rich gravy(wine) - nuts.


Apple, Blackberry and pecan crumble - nuts
Salted caramel chocolate tart - nuts
Mango vanilla cheesecake - nuts
Chocolate mousse pots with mascerated berries

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