Healthy snack range.

We all want to try and eat a little healthier but convenient tasty snack options are often hard to come by or simply unaffordable.  Our aim is to make healthy snacking quick, easy and enjoyable.  To place an order send an enquiry to

Super fuel bars.  Oats, seeds and superfoods blended with apricots, dates, vanilla and cinnamon to create a chewy bar.  Perfect pre workout or simply to fuel you through a busy day.

6 pieces £12.00

Pumpkin Spiced Tahini Caramel Flapjacks.  Moist oat base made with pumpkin puree flavoured with ginger, cinnamon and vanilla.  Topped with tahini caramel glazed fruit and nuts.

6 pieces £12.00

Bounty Slice, a piece of rich coconut heaven.  Oats and coconut butter bars flavoured with a dash of vanilla and pinch of salt finished with dark chocolate, delicious!

Best kept refridgerated.

6 pieces £12.00

Cashew Cacao truffles.  Cashew butter, medjool dates and ground almonds combined with cacao and vanilla for an indulgent feeling energy ball that will satisfy all sweet cravings.

£3.00 for box of 4 balls.

Chocolate almond Biscotti.  Crunchy wholegrain spelt biscuits flavoured with almond extract with chunks of whole almond and chocolate.  The perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee.

£3.00 for box of 4 biscotti.

Chocolate coconut macaroons, classic flavour combination enhanced with vanilla and salt to make for a truly delicious snack.

£2.50 for box of 3 macaroons.

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